Ba Giot Waterfall-Favorite destinations for summer tours

Ba Giot Waterfall located at Phu Hoa Commune in Dinh Quan District, Dong Nai Province, is about 130km from HCM City. The ecotourism point Ba Giot lies on the La Nga River. It possesses a good-looking terrain with a 20km2 area containing amusements and entertainment by the river.

The stream at Ba Giot Waterfall flows through rapids and pours over the edge in three falls, which are best viewed from upstream if you want to capture their full grandeur and beauty. Pedal-boating on the quieter reaches of the water, as well as camping, are available at the waterfall.

Nearby the waterfall is Ba Chong Stone. After millions of years of rain and sunshine, being covered by the sea three times and witnessing hundreds of severe volcanic eruptions, the three layers piled up on each other unsteadily and formed an impressive landscape.

Not far from Ba Chong Stone, two Bach Tuong hills look like a pair of elephants. On the top is Thich Ca statue sitting on a lotus base while at the bottom is a deep cave and Thien Chon pagoda.

Ba Chong stone rooting from the Oc Eo-Phu Nam civilization in the southeast highland terrace has been listed by the Ministry of Culture and Information since 1998.