Mai Chau – wonderful valley in Hoa Binh

Escaping from noisy and dusty urban; there are in abundant domestic and foreign tourists coming Mai Chau valley to feel fresh air, enjoy charming scenery and find out the unique culture of ethnic people.

Mai Chau is a beautiful valley in Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province, about 130 kilometers from the center of Hanoi. Here, all visitors are impressed by grandeur of the earth and sky and enthusiasm of Thai local people; all would like to come back.


Mai Chau valley

Mai Chau valley is dwelling of almost Thai ethnic people with unique cultural features, especially; Stilts Houses become community tourist sites. Here also has relic, stunning landscape: Mo Luong cave, Chieu cave, Pieng Kem cave and archaeological sites.

When coming here, you will have the chance to explore Thung Khe pass, experience Pom Coong, Lac village and live with ethnic people. You can be in Stilt House (Nhà Sàn), equipped fully such as blankets, mattresses, fan, TV, Karaoke…Or you will have plenty of amazing photos with colorful ethnic dresses.

Stilt House in Mai Chau

Furthermore, campfire service in Mai Chau is really interesting that appeals to all tourists. You will be served professionally from A to Z. You can dance, sing, and take part in ethnic performs, fire corn, potatoes, sugar cane. In particular, Mai Chau has many specialties: Muong pork, fish streaming Dong leaves, bamboo cooked rice (Cơm Lam), chicken hill, Cần wine….Vegetables and grapefruit is very cheap so they are the best choice for gifting.

Cần wine

Brocade booth.

In the weekend, Thai market is an exciting destination. All of goods (brocade pattern, brocade fabric, brocade dress) are displayed; visitors can choice things that they like.

For all things of its, Mai Chau is always an ideal attraction that visitors would like to return.


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