Vinh Loc (Thanh Hoa): potential land of tourism

With a small district, 16 communes and 131 hamlets, Vinh Loc has up to 147 historical, cultural relics and tourist destinations.

Xuan Dai Mountain Range can be considered as one of the most beautiful mountains in Vietnam. at the foot of Xuan Dai Mountain, there is Thong pagoda that has been ranked as the national relic. After visiting Thong pagoda, tourists can go to see Phung Khac Khoan stele – the unique stele in Vietnam. it is 2.5 meters in height. After that, tourists can take a stroll to halfway up the mountain to visit Ho Cong Cave. Going inside the cave, tourists will see many Chinese-character poems on the walls of the cave.

Going 5 kilometers from Thong pagoda to the west, travelers will come to the citadel of Ho dynasty, a very famous relic.

In addition, tourists can visit Duc Tuong Mountain, Eo Van, Tu Linh, My Dam Lake, Tam Tong Temple, Tran Khat Chan Temple, etc.

From Tran Khat Chan Temple, tourists keep going to the south of Dun Mountain to visit the national archaeological relic, Nam Giao.

In Vinh Loc district, there are many historic monuments in Trinh Lord dynasty such as: Nghe Vet, Hoang Dinh Ai temple, Triet Vuong Trinh Tung tomb, Le Quang Loc Temple, etc.

In order to develop tourism in the future, the district and province need to invest for tourism from now till 2020. Moreover, pushing the restoration and renovation historical relics are very necessary. Also, Thanh Hoa should encourage to facilitate construction of hotels, motels and cultural services.


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