Dieu Thanh Waterfall – A princess hidden herself in jungle

Dieu Thanh Waterfall is located on Dak Tit Stream, the natural border between Nhan Co Commune (Dak R’lap District) and Quang Tan Commune (Dak Nong District), Dak Nong Province. For a long time, Dieu Thanh Waterfall has won kudos for its pristine and poetic beauty.

This waterfall has been stood in the middle of mountain and forest since time immemorial, despite various changes of the surrounding scene and natural environment. Besides the biggest water column, which comes down from the height of 30m, Dieu Thanh Waterfall also comprises of some small other water columns, creating a thin mist that cools down the temperature at the foot of the rocky mountain.

Under the waterfall, there are several deep grottoes and inside them there have many large and smooth rocks for tourists to take a short rest. The temperature here is always cool. When standing on the summit of the waterfall, tourists can admire a part of the magnificent mountain and forest of the Central Highlands.

Though Dieu Thanh is located in a calm place of jungle but it is still one of the interesting beautiful spots which is not only attracted many tourists in Vietnam travel in Dak Nong Province but also in other provinces such as: Dak Lak, Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Ho Chi Minh City and so on. Especially on festivals or Tet holidays, lots of people flock to this place.  With its romantic beauty, Dieu Thanh falls seems to be a princess hidden herself in jungle. If it is invested and upgraded, it will be an ideal place attracted to tourists near and far.


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