Discovering Tra Co – Vietnam’s longest beach

Tra Co beach  in Quang Ninh province was officially recognized the longest beach in Vietnam by Vietnam Record Orgnization, with a length of 17 km, its area about 170 ha curved annular, stretching from Got Cape in the north to Ngoc Cape in the South.

Besides, Tra Co beach is also the first beach, appears on the country map, the nearest border, there are most  many travel place names, most pristine, most romantic…

Located in the northeast pole of the country, bordering between Vietnam and China and 9 km road away from Mong Cai city center, Tra Co is the outer edge of an natural island due to the action of wave and coastal marine current form. The seaside is the sand dunes from 3-4m high, with villages and crowded inhabitants, who are mainly living on agriculture and fishing. The beachfront is the series of windproof casuarina forest, shades and keeps the sand, nearby ecosystems has mangrove forest.

If Nha Trang beach in Khanh Hoa province is like the modern girl, Tra Co is a beautiful countryside young woman. Visitors come here… will be deeply impressed with a never-ending long sandy shore, and gentle as a girl with elongated, smooth legs together with soft and silky hair stream but very wild, sweet. Extremely blue , clean water without dust. At that time, visitors seemed to slip their feelings before the ecstasy beauty but it is very pristine. Therefore, Tra Co is very beautiful, rustic beautiful, relaxed, not pushing because it was not the shadow of “commercial beach”, not too many restaurants, not losing the inherent beauty of the sea.

According to a blogger had “immersed” the smell of Tra Co, Coming here, you should choose an absent seat, free soul in whispering waves, will feel the sea and people are embedded into each other. Deep long and straight, cool casuarina-tree line increases charms of the innocent village girl, wild. Moreover, nearby Tra Co is also a place sunrise or sunset very romantic, it was Con Mang, approximately 6 km from the beach. The sand here is soft so that driving motorbike on the beach without fear of subsidence or slip.
Beside, if you want to enjoy fresh seafood, you can buy right on the coast when fishermen catch fish. Currently, the road to Tra Co beach has the dike system, renewed and enlarged very conveniently as it may be going by sea or by land. If traveling by sea, visitors can choose the cano or hydrofoil from Bai Chay, Quang Ninh (about 132km) or from Hai Phong (about 206 km). If going by land is meandering, but  the scenery is quite interesting.


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