A new attraction of Hai Phong city, Hon Dau Resort

Hai Phong has been regarded as an attractive destination for both domestic and international tourists who travel to Vietnam. Apart from famous places like Cat Ba or Do Son, Hon Dau resort is a new attraction that tourists coming to Hai Phong cannot miss to visit.

Building an international resort in Hon Dau, Do Son district, Hai Phong city is a typical example of breakthrough in Hai Phong’s tourism development and management.

A new attraction of Hai Phong city, Hon Dau Resort

Hon Dau Resort- Hai Phong

Provided with only 96.12 ha of land with three sides facing the sea, Hon Dau International Tourism Joint-stock Company has decided to expand the project site outward to the sea that will shorten the gap between Do Son peninsula and stunning Hon Dau island.

A new attraction of Hai Phong city, Hon Dau Resort

Over a long period of construction up to date, the expanded area has reached 120 ha. Consequently, the expected resort of total VND 700 billion investment which was hard to be materialized previously has been gradually come into view. The resort model has been rated by Ministry of Construction as one of the best resorts nation wide. The land area of the project starts from historical Nghieng Wharf where the last French colonists left Vietnam and ends at K15 Pier which is a famous place where nameless ships starts their voyages transporting military provisions from the North to the South for Vietnamese soldiers in the war again the US. The pier is also the starting point of well-known Ho Chi Minh sea route. Hon Dau island with untouched natural beauty in which South Ocean Neptune Temple along with the local famous lighthouse exists is an ideal ecological resort. Bringing into full play the natural advantages, Hon Dau Resort which working round the year is expected to help local tourism overcome the difficulty of traveling seasons as the atraction is presently only known for sea travel and summer vacation. On Dau No mountain, the investor is building a small imitated Da Lat with pine trees, Love Valley, bendy paths, gardens with flowers, different kinds of birds and animals. Travelers visiting the attraction can only go up the hill on foot or by tramcar. On the top of the hill there will be a helistop and a car park for visitor’s use. Right at the hill foot is a artificial beach of 6 ha to be designed by Australian experts and built with a total investment of USD 6 million. Water of the beach will be filtered to make Do Son Beach’s existing brown-coloured water with illuvial become clearer than ever. Staying at the resort in winter, visitors can enjoy mud-bath which is warmed by hot steam system in a glasshouse.

A new attraction of Hai Phong city, Hon Dau Resort

In addition, there will be over 200 villas of different sizes to be constructed and equipped with additional facilities such as a common entertainment area, park, netted beach with white sand, multi-sport hall, music water fountain, festival square etc. In the complex, a multi-purposed international convention hall will also be built with the capacity of over 1.000 seats which is able to serve international summits. In Do Son peninsula, the owner will put up more than 400 villas coming between small green parks and facing all to receive wind from Tonkin Gulf. The villas will be accompanied with recreational areas including a sea park, underwater palace, international statue and sculpture park, underwater and on-land performance quarters, sea clubs, underwater wedding etc. Hence, upon its completion which is not long away, Hon Dau International Resort will come into operation to satisfy luxurious visitors nationally and internationally as well as local residents. It is also the all-year-round resort attracting travelers visiting the beach not only in summer but in winter as well

If tourists who travel to Vietnam have chance to visit Hai Phong city, Hon Dau Resort is a must-see place that should not be missed!


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