Three ancient wells

The banian tree, well and communal yard are the most common features of Vietnamese countryside.

They seem to have fallen into oblivion with the passage of time. However, there are three ancient wells which have been well preserved by Thuong Hoi villagers in Hanoi’s outlying district of Dan Phuong.

The first square-shaped well is the most beautiful, close to the front gate of the village.

The second round-shape is in the middle and the third oval-shaped at the end of the village. They are all brick-built

80-year old villager Tran Thuyet, says the village used to have four gates and three wells but can preserve two gates and three wells.

                                  The square well (more than 700sq.m)

The round-shaped well (around 200sq.m)

The oval-shaped well (360 sq.m)

Main gate

Middle gate- a site for Cheo Tau festival celebration 

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