Rong House in Central Highlands – The heart of Kon Tum

Rong House in Central Highlands and in Kon Tum is considered as the heart of ethnic minority. Like the communal house, Rong House is a place to hold important events.

Local people consider Rong House as a solemn and sacred place. It seems to be a symbol of power because most local people gather here for common acitivities.

Therefore, ethnic minorities attach special importance to both the conservation and the development of Rong House.Ethnic minority people think that Rong House represents the ascendancy and wealth of their village. Therefore, Rong House play an important role to their life. It is a place for gods to stay.

Spiritual activities of local people take place in Rong House. The roof of Rong House is decorated with beautiful patterns. Most villages have to have Rong House. Any village that does not have Rong House will be called “women village.

Therefore, the most eldest person and old people in the village have to choose a suitable place for Rong House carefully. They often choose the place in the center of the village to built Rong House. Then local people can built their houses surrounding it. This is an ancient architecture not many villages preserve.

It takes several years to complete a new Rong House. In addition, most local people will take part in the process of building the house, so they become closer.

According cultural researchers, Rong House in the northern of Central Highlands is quite special and diversified. Each ethnic group has it different construction so Rong House has different shapes and different names.

Nowadays, many villages hang pictures of Uncle Ho and national flag in Rong House to show their deep gratitude.Rong House is also used to hold cultural activities like films presentation, performance, meeting, etc.

Until now, Kon Tum district has built 575 Rong Houses and repaired old Rong House in hamlets, and villages. Most people in Kon Plong district and Dak To district has Rong House.


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