Lan Ha Bay – The Earth Fairy Scene

Lan Ha Bay is located to the east of Cat Ba Island, overlooking Cua Van, adjacent to Ha Long Bay. As a peaceful bay, Lan Ha has up to 400 small and big islands, creating a giant picture depicting the fairy scene.

In spite of being the neighborhood of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay has its specific color. Regardless of its small or big size, the islands here are covered by the green color of trees or vegetation. Limestone mountains take the large proportion in the Lan Ha bay’s islands, cutting the sea surface into smaller bays. Names of the mountains are as various as those in Ha Long bay: Hon Guoc (like the shape of the wooden shoe), Hon Doi (like the bat is spreading fully its wings)…

Lan Ha

Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha

The landscape here looks very peaceful and quiet with the serene islands such as Sen island, Cu island, Monkey island; stalactite caves such as Ham Rong, Do Cung, Ca cave; or the beaches among the sea such as Vem, Tung Gau cave, Cat Dua,…

Lan Ha Bay has 139 small beautiful clean and quiet sandy beaches, in which some stretch between two stone mountains with calm sea and smoothy water. Underneath the blue water is the colorful coral reef like Van Boi, Van Ha beaches…convenient for diving tourism development.

Beach on lan Ha

Beach on Lan Ha Bay

Discovering the bay by boat tends to have many directions and may take you several days if you like to visit all the areas on the bay. However with your limited time, you should ask the boatman about the destinations and select the suitable ones.


Boating on Lan Ha Bay

Cat Dua island is the first stop on the Lan Ha Bay tour. Almost all of the ships stop here first not due to tiredness but for contemplating what the nature gifts Cat Ba. Wild pineapples grow a lot on the island with its height equal to the roof, making an arbor shade for the surrounding. This place is also an ideal beach for swimming with blue water and white sand coral debris.

monkey island

Monkey island

Cat Dua is also called Monkey island because there are some tens of moneys there. Most of them are castled there by the forest-man, and quite bold to human. They are ready to rob food from the tourists and even bite human if they are irritated

Specialties on Lan Ha bay are green mussels, snout otter clams, crabs, shrimps. Many fish cages on the bay is a place of interest as well as the supplier of seafood demand of the tourists.


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