Early morning at a fish market

As usual, about 2 AM, when the sun still be under the horizon, many people had presented at Phuoc Loc beach of Tam Tien commune (Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, 12km far from Tam Ky city center). They were fishing traders, buyers came from many places, local people, transporting workers… and be waiting for boats to come back the market after a long fishing trip.

 When the first sunrays began showing down the sea and the first fishing boats came back, a new trading morning  at Phuoc Loc fishing market started. The noisy atmosphere stirred up the calm  and silent dawn of a small sea area.

Dawn over the Tam Tien sea

Acording to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Luan, Vice chairman of Tam Tien People’s Committee, this small market was founded spontaneously more than 30 years ago by people of two hamlets Phuoc Loc and Ha Quang.

In the first days, it was only a small stalls to sell and buy sea products for daily meals with low price. Years after years, thanks to high horsepower boats, new fishing technology and modern means which helped local people to fish far away, catched more and more product as well as the great demand of customers in the province, many people from some districts in Quang Nam and Quang Ngai provines have come here to buy fish and shrimp for their trade.

Up to date, although this fishing market operates about 6 to 7 hours a day only, but it has become one of  the important sea products trading points in both retail and wholesale of  Nui Thanh district.

Waiting for fishing boats to comeback Phuoc Loc market

Basket boats with full of fresh fishes and shrimps make Phuoc Loc fish market more crowded and joyfull.

Transporting fish to the seashore to serve customers come from remote places.

Fishermen’s happy face after a rich fishing trip.

An overview landscape of Phuoc Loc fish market.


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