Magnificent Picture of Upland Geopark

No longer being a beauty of Ha Giang province and Vietnam, Dong Van Karst Plateau has become a member of the Global Geoparks Network. Breathtakingly sinuous routes to the rock plateau are covered by big rocks and small rocks of different shapes in all directions.

Rocks are as rough as quills, as pointed and sharp as thorns, and as balanced as pyramid. The variety of stone shapes creates the appealing diversity of this plateau.

It remains unknown when man sets foot to live in this land full of adversity where rock is excessive and soil is scarce. The rock plateau is home to 17 ethnic groups with distinctivecultural identities and ways of life. They leave a treasure of voluminous history and culture on the plateau. And they themselves preserve and promote the precious treasure to the current day and are sharing hands to protect the world’s natural heritage. For the local people, rock is their fresh and soul. They start the life with rock and die with it too.

This place is keeping the vestiges of a prosperous land featuring untouched Nha Vuong Castle, an old-time mansion and hundreds of antique houses on the ancient town of Dong Van. This place is a destination for tourists far and wide to enjoy an endless experience of unique history, culture and nature.

In the springtime, white plum flowers cover the Lung Cu Forest and cherry flowers blossom full of valleys in the morning time. Lying in the distance are vast ever-green cunninghamia strips. Nha Vuong, a national historical relic in cloud-filled Sa Phin Valley below high cunninghamia shades, has long been a point of interest for visitors whenever they come to Dong Van. Nha Vuong is a ‘fortress’ of the “King of Meo people”.

Surrounded by stretching rock layers, Ma Pi Leng is seen as one of the “Four Great Passes” in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam and is called a geological monument by Frenchmen. Ma Pi Leng, which means the bridge of horse nose, is a ruggedly dangerous arc of gorge road. Passing the Peak of Ma Pi Leng at the altitude of 2,000 metres, Dong Van Plateau you will reach a route called Duong Hanh Phuc (Happiness Road) connecting Ha Giang City, Dong Van and Meo Vac Town.

In the springtime, magnificent Dong Van Karst Plateau is full of pinkish cherry blossoms, pear flowers and white snows. You will feel the sense of ecstasy of ‘thang co’ – a type of soup made from internal organs of horse and other cattle, honey wine and maize wine or feel the atmosphere of boisterous market day and discover the amazing beauty of this immense plateau.


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