Attractive and adventurous Nha Trang sea sports

In the summer, Nha Trang beach is very charming. According to international sports experts, Nha Trang is the only destination in Vietnam being able to develop all types of sea sports.

Sea sports festival is considered as “a green message” of Nha Trang sea festival, took place every two years.

Waking up before the sun rises, thousands of people flock to the sea to cheer athletes on.  There are many sports here such as swimming, shaking basket boats, diving, windsurfing, jet skiing, kayaking etc.

The festival has a special attraction to everybody. Many tourists in the Northern or in the Southern of Vietnam pay a visit Nha Trang just in order to try playing water sports. They can experience interesting sports like parasailing or surfing.

Even if  visting Nha Trang one time, most people enjoy playing sea sports in Nha Trang.

Basket boats racing



Jet skiing


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