A journey to discover Chau Doc

Chau Doc is located on the charming confluence, meeting Con Tien and Chau Giang. Coming here, you can discover cuisine and many tourist attractions with pleasure.

Tourist attractions

Chau Doc town has many historical, cultural relics and unique landscapes. The monuments is ranked by Ministry of Culture consits of Tay An pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau Tomb, Ba Chua Xu temple, Hang pagoda, Chau Phu. Besides, there are some other destinations also attracting a lot of tourists such as: the village of Cham people in Chau Giang, Vinh Te canal, fishing village, Tao Ngo garden, fort on Sam mountain.

Coming to the town, tourists should visit Chau Phu communal house located on Tran Hung Dao – Nguyen Van Thoai street (Chau Phu A ward). The communal house worship the votive tablet of Nguyen Huu Canh who achieved great feats. His another name is Nguyen Huu Kinh, born in 1650 in Hue city.

Leaving Chau Phu, tourists will come to the most unique destination in Chau Doc – the floating fishing village. Each raft here is designed as an apartment. Rafts stretch along both banks of the river.

Especially, recently, some local people have tended to settle in raft being only 4 meters in width and 7-8 meters in length. Jolly-boats, and boats are local people’s major transports in the floating village.

The next destination is Ba Chua Xu shrine. Her statue is a work of art made of stone. Her posture is deliberate like a god statue in India, Laos and Cambodia. Annually, the shrine attracts millions of visitors.

Leaving the shrine, travellers come to Hang pagoda (alternative name is Phuoc Dien Tu) located severally in the west of Sam mountain slope. It attracts travellers with legend of sprite and poltergeist

Nowadays, Hang pagoda is filled up, there is only an entrance that is 10 meters in depth. The entrance looks like very murky and mysterious. In addition, there are many unique places in Sam moutain such as: Tay An pagoda, Thoai Ngoc Hau tomb, Bach Van hill, etc.

Discovering cuisine

Chau Doc has many famous specialities. One of them is fish sauce.

“Mắm thái”

Especially, “Mắm thái” rolled in girdle cake comes with herbs and white rice vermicelli. Besides, there are many dishes cooked with fish sauce: pork cooked with fish sauce for a long time, fish sauce hot pot – the speciality of Chau Doc people.

In addition, white rice vermicelli with fish is sold a lot in the town. Cooks process the broth for rice vermicelli from snake-head marinated with citronella, saffron. Rice vermicelli will come with bean sprouts, water spinach, sliced banana flower.

Another specialities are Tra fish, and basa fish. The fish is dried and its stomach is processed for special appetizer – the deep-fried basa fish’s stomach.

Besides, that the urban space is large and airy is a strength supporting for the development of evening cuisine area in Chau Doc. The cuisine area is around the square of Chau Phu A ward, two parks A and B and is along Le Loi street in Chau Phu B ward.


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