Pho Cao – an ideal destination for young people

Pho Cao  is a commune belonging to Dong Van district, Ha Giang province. The place attracts a lot of tourists with its natural landscapes. Many young people who are keen on travelling and discovering choose Cao Street as an ideal destination.

Coming here, you will meet adorable children with bright eyes and pink cheeks and hospitable villagers. Local people here are wiling to welcome strange tourists with cups of corn wine.

To  travellers, the most impressive thing is houses with brown walls, wooden gates  and rocks fence. There are four ethnic groups here: Hmong, Han, Dao, Pu Peo. However, most of local people are Hmong people. They account for 90 percent of the villagers.

Pho Cao is famous for fields of buckwheat stretching and surrounding the valley. The colour of buckwheat and the colour of houses make a beautiful landscape photo in a fairy tale. Most houses here are not built with bricks and concrete but soil. All of them attract tourists coming from everywhere.

Especially, visitors will be surprised at schools made of rocks. Because, in this plateau, there are more rocks than lands of growing corn. Therefore, local people use rocks to build schools and fence for houses.

Nowadays, Pho Cao has about 50 houses built in traditional architecture 100 years ago.  Local people still use traditional utensil and costumes.

When coming to Pho Cao, you should not miss the ancient house that is a spotlight in Dong Van. In addition, you should go to the local kermess meeting once a week.

The kermess opens early and closes at midday. In the kermess, local people will sell agricultural products they have to work hard to produce.


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