Nothing intersting as “homestay” service in Ta Van Giay village, Sapa

Being 8 kilometers from  Sapa town, Lao Cai province, the way to Ta Van village curves round the mountain-side.

The pristine beauty of mountain and forests

Ta Van Giay village, Sapa

On the way to Ta Van Giay village, tourists can contemplate terraced fields, May bridge crossing Muong Hoa stream. Especially, tourists can visit a forest belonging to Hoang Lien national forests. That is the itinerary to visit Ta Van Giay village, located in Muong Hoa valley, Ta Van commune.

Standing in the halfway of the mountain before reaching the village, you will see beautiful houses on stilts along the valley. There are more than 140 households in the village with about 40 households in the model of “homestay”. Tourists can stay and do daily activities with local people and explore the local culture. In addition, visitors also can hire ethnic costumes to wear and take some photos.

There are some ancient houses in the village like Mr Hoang Din’s house, Lo A Muc’s house… The most ancient house is Mr Lo A Muc’s house, built in 1934. This is the typical house of Giay people.

Traditional food here is quite simple but impressive. Having a meal with local people, tourists will feel closer and more understanding local people’s life.

As simple as Ta Van Giay people

Local people are quite familiar with strange tourists visting their house. They are always friendly and hospitable.

Entering a house, you can see the decorations that are typical cultural products of Tay Bac ethnic group.

Many foreign visitors said they like to stay in rustic houses of local people because they can learn many things like culture, custom, and traditional food. Especially, they can live in an environmentally friendly space and enjoy delicious dishes. That is the reason why they choose homestay service instead of luxurious hotels.

May bridge


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