Contemplating the sunrise at Vietnam’s most beautiful waterfall

Many backpackers consider Pongour waterfall in Da Lat City as the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam.

Pongour waterfall (its alternative name is 7-storey waterfall) lies in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong Province, being 50 kilometers from Da Lat.

Going about 40 kilometers along the highway 20 from Da Lat, tourists will see a signpost on the right. Tourists keep going 7 kilometers to go to the waterfall.

In early morning, Pongour waterfall is imposing and pictureque. However, if you want to capture the first sunlight in early morning on the top of waterfall, you have to get up eary and arrive the waterfall at 6 am.

Panorama of the waterfall

In early morning, you will have a chance to contemplate primitive and tranquil scenery,
as well as listen to the bird sounds

The waterfall is surrounded by imposing cliffs


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