Ancient Hoi An – peaceful and tranquil emotion

If you want to explore and enjoy a space of the golden past of Vietnam, let visit Hoi An Ancient Town. May be the most attractive feature of this tourist destination is its “thinking of the past” beauty and peaceful moments which bring you unforgettable deeply emotions.

In the 16 th century, Hoi An was one of the most crowded trading ports of the South East Asia. It was also an ideal market to exchange goods for the businesspersons of Japan, China, Thailand, India as well as a destination of the traders in remote countries such as Holland, Portugal, England… Hoi An, nowadays, is an ancient town of peaceful and tranquil life style beside the Hoai river.

There are only small, quiet streets linking the ancient houses standing side by side and old pagodas which deeply imprinted the Japanese  and Chinese architectural style. The early morning with fresh air and tranquil space. Here and there sounded up the voice of a hawker, from the bicycles were slowly running and of people walking in the streets to do morning exercises. When the first sunrays showed down, the city became noisy a bit.

Visiting Hoi An, you can sight-seeing the famous and beautiful heritages of the city on foot, by bicycle or xich lo. You can explore the peaceful life of the friendly and hospitable local residents. You will meet the lovely sellers at the souvenir shops with their bright smiles, warm and polite invitations.

Clay souvenirs created by the young girls of Thanh Ha pottery craft village, Hoi An city.

The hand-made bowls under the light sunsight of ancient Hoi An

Kind-hearted smile of a boat rower on Hoai river.

A peaceful bright corner in the night of Hoi An


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