Experiencing eco-tourism in Nam Dong, Hue

The natural and pristine beauty of Nam Dong attracts a lot of tourists who love discovery.

Coming to Nam Dong, tourists can visit Mo waterfall (located in the foot of La Hy moutain pass in Huong Phu commune). Mo waterfall is so beautiful and tranquil. Everything here is primitive.

After being tired, tourists can stop and enjoy specialities here. especially grilled dishes are very delicious and the price is quite reasonable.

Leaving Mo waterfall, tourists keep going to Kazan waterfall (in Thuong Lo commune). It is easy to feel fresh air, and tranquil space here. In addition, tourists are also attracted by gorgeous and stunning beauty of nature.

Many tourists jump  into water without hesitating in order to feel the attraction of the waterfall. Nobody wants to leave the waterfall although the weather is quite cold.
After leaving Kazan waterfall, everybody says that they will come back Nam Dong to experience eco-tourism as soon as possible.


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