Top 5 places to view Phan Rang from high

Phan Rang with pristine beauty, stunning and ravishing beaches attracts more visitors when it is viewed from high places.

Phan Rang-Thap Chap, also known as Phan Rang, is Ninh Thuan provincial capital, about 320 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, 150 kilometers from Nha Trang on Highway 1A, 110 kilometers from Dalat on Highway 27. This place, dubbed “Wind as Phan Rang, sun as Phan Rang”, has been endowed with favorable conditions for developing tourism business. Here, there are in abundant clean and wonderful beaches such as: Ninh Chu, Ca Na, Vinh Huy, Binh Tien Beach. Especially, Phan Rang attach to ancient Champa culture which plays an important role contributing to diversity of the tourism activities

Phan Rang with pristine beauty, stunning and ravishing beaches attracts more visitors when it is viewed from high places.

Mui Dinh lighthouse

Phan Rang from Nui Dinh lighthouse

Mui Dinh lighthouse is very famous and an ideal destination for viewing Phan Rang from high. In order to come here, visitors have to go through long journey interrupted by countless dunes or vertical slopes.

However, when reaching on the top, tourists will surely be attracted by the pristine beauty of Phan Rang with vast and white sandy dunes.

Ngoan Muc pass (Spectacular pass)

Ngoan Muc is one of the most wonderful mountain pass, 980m high. With romantic and majestic natural scenery, changing following time and space, the pass has become an ideal tourist destination for travelers.  From any locations on the pass, you can enjoy fully the magical beauty of Phan Rang-Thap Cham city.

Chua mount (God mount)

Chua mount is 1.040m high above the sea, 20 kilometers from Phan Rang city. On top of the mount, visitors can view the Phan Rang beach city that appears as a giant painting with bright colors to the distance.

Hoa Lai tower

Hoa Lai tower is a valuable architectural and sculptural population of Cham people. Phan Rang city becomes more sparkling and shimmering from the town.

Pôklông Garai tower

Pôklông Garai tower is located on a high hill, 7 kilometers from west of the Phan Rang center. Here, you will have the chance to see an overview of Phan Rang in ravishing and wonderful beauty. Moreover, the tower is also one of the interesting places to explore.


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