Experiencing eco-tourism in Nam Dong, Hue

The natural and pristine beauty of Nam Dong attracts a lot of tourists who love discovery.

Coming to Nam Dong, tourists can visit Mo waterfall (located in the foot of La Hy moutain pass in Huong Phu commune). Mo waterfall is so beautiful and tranquil. Everything here is primitive.

After being tired, tourists can stop and enjoy specialities here. especially grilled dishes are very delicious and the price is quite reasonable.

Leaving Mo waterfall, tourists keep going to Kazan waterfall (in Thuong Lo commune). It is easy to feel fresh air, and tranquil space here. In addition, tourists are also attracted by gorgeous and stunning beauty of nature.

Many tourists jump  into water without hesitating in order to feel the attraction of the waterfall. Nobody wants to leave the waterfall although the weather is quite cold.

After leaving Kazan waterfall, everybody says that they will come back Nam Dong to experience eco-tourism as soon as possible.


Contemplating the sunrise at Vietnam’s most beautiful waterfall

Many backpackers consider Pongour waterfall in Da Lat City as the most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam.

Pongour waterfall (its alternative name is 7-storey waterfall) lies in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong Province, being 50 kilometers from Da Lat.

Going about 40 kilometers along the highway 20 from Da Lat, tourists will see a signpost on the right. Tourists keep going 7 kilometers to go to the waterfall.

In early morning, Pongour waterfall is imposing and pictureque. However, if you want to capture the first sunlight in early morning on the top of waterfall, you have to get up eary and arrive the waterfall at 6 am.

Panorama of the waterfall

In early morning, you will have a chance to contemplate primitive and tranquil scenery,
as well as listen to the bird sounds

The waterfall is surrounded by imposing cliffs

The Sparkling of Dray Nur waterfall

The waterfall is created by the water of Krong Ana and Krong No Rivers. There’s a cave underneath the waterfall that brings exotic experience to the adventure travellers.

The 30m falls, which are also known as Cai or Vo (wife), originate from the Krong Ana River. According to a ancient story, a long time ago, a man of Kuop Hamlet fell in love with a girl who lived on the other side of the Serepok River.

Their love remained hidden from their parents until they were inseparable. Unfortunately, they were in a sort of Romeo and Juliet situation, where the two families were old and bitter rivals. Naturally the parents did not approve, and all their efforts to stay together seemed destined to fail.

So one night, rather than being separated, the couple committed suicide in the Serepok River. Suddenly, there was a thunderstorm, water leaped up from the river and sounds came from the forest. The next morning, the people of the hamlet were surprised to see that the river had been separated in two, isolating the two families.

Ever since then the one river has been two: the Duc (husband) creates the Dray Sap Waterfall in Dak Nong Province, in the central highlands, while the Cai (wife) river feeds the Dray Nur waterfall in Dak Lak Province.

Water still flows down the falls in small streams, only to be united at the bottom. Many say that the sound it makes are echos of the delights and reproaches of that “star crossed love”.

These are some photos of the waterfall.

 Imposing beauty of Dray Nur waterfall

 Imposing beauty of Dray Nur waterfall

 Imposing beauty of Dray Nur waterfall

 Imposing beauty of Dray Nur waterfall

 Imposing beauty of Dray Nur waterfall

 Imposing beauty of Dray Nur waterfall

 Imposing beauty of Dray Nur waterfall

Ravishing trip to Ly Son Island

Around 25 kilometers from the mainland, Ly Son Island District in Quang Ngai Province is endowed with many splendid landscapes. It comprises three islands: Dao Lon (Big Island), Dao Be (small island) and Hon Mu Cu.

In order to go to Ly Son, tourists can catch a passenger coach from Da Nang airport to Quang Ngai and then go to Sa Ky port before spending two more hours going to Ly Son by express boat.

When we set foot on the island, we decided to explore Dao Be first. The first image we saw is black magma layers. Ly Son has a special geological structure because formerly, it was old volcanoes stopping operating. These magma layers was formed after lava cooled on the surface. Just in Ly Son, people can see the marvellous scenery of the nature.

Just in Ly Son, tourists have enchanting experiences like this

Sea also becomes a wonderful model for photographers

Despite the small area, Dao Be has a very beautiful beach with smooth white sand. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs and the white foam rushing all day.

In Ly Son, thousands of local people earned much money from fishing anchovies and growing garlic. Ly Son garlic is famous for its taste and pungent aroma. all over the country. Therefore, Ly Son is knowed as the kingdom of garlic.

Dao Be – An Binh has the area of more than 70 hectares and more than 100 families living without electricity and source of fresh water. Local people here basically depend on rain-water that is also quite scarce. However, thanks to a plant converting seawater into fresh water on the island,  from August 2012, local people in Dao Be has not had to worry about this problem.

Dao Lon – Ly Son is formed of five big mountains that are five former craters. Therefore, their geological structure is very special with magma veins in the mountain cliffs.

Sunrise in Dao Be

Going straight through the path with cliffs and curving slopes, we went to Thoi Loi – the highest mountain top in five craters in Ly Son. Coming here, tourists will have a chance to contemplate a volcanic crater lake and see the entire Ly Son with pleasure.

In addition, Ly Son is endowed with many unique natural landscapes. One of them is the imposing cliff next to Hang pagoda. Many tourists had to utter: “it is like Grand Canyon!”. Also on Thoi Loi Mountain, Hang Pagoda is built on the largest cave in Ly Son. The cave is about 30 meters wide and 25 meters deep, formed by rock walls. Built in the 16th century the pagoda is hidden by an ancient giant tree and is endowed with many beautiful stalactites.

Not only including various valuable historical and cultural relics, the Ly Son Island also embraces legends associated with many folk and traditional festivals such as Tet (Vietnam’s new year), boat race, hat boi (traditional Vietnamese opera), fish worshipping, and especially ceremonies to pay homage to solders who died in battles in Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) islands.

Restaurants stick it on, travelers need to become “smart”

After having meals, a lot of travelers felt exceedingly astonished when receiving the bills. They were stung for millions of dong for the dishes worth several hundreds of thousands of dong.

The black list

The competent agencies in Vung Tau City have decided to punish Huong Viet seafood restaurant at No. 94 Hoang Hoa Tham Street for its behavior of overcharging tourists.

On March 26, a group of 7 tourists, including 4 Japanese, 3 Vietnamese, who stayed at Vung Tau Intourco Resort, were carried to Huong Viet by a taxi driver. The customers ordered 6 kilos of small lobsters, 3.5 kilos of crabs, 1.7 kilos of cuttlefish  and oysters.

The restaurant gave more than the amount ordered by the customers. After having meals, the tourists were asked to pay VND16.6 million dong.

This was not the only case of this kind happening in Vung Tau City so far. The restaurants here have 1,000 tricks to rip off travelers. The waiters deliberately did not give the menus to the customers, or gave the menus with unclear information.

If the customers queried about the big sums of money they were told to pay, the waiters would show other menus with the unit prices much higher than the prices they informed to customers before.

In most cases, customers had to pay the sums of money the restaurants asked for. They had to “swallow the bitter pill,” or they would have to fight with the workers at the restaurants, who always got ready to apply the “law of the jungle.”

The disreputable restaurants have been boycotted by local residents and travelers, or punished by the local authorities. Many of them had to close down. However, in fact, they only changed hands or changed the names. Tung Ngoc Thuy restaurant has been renamed into Phuong Vy, or Nhu Y into Thu Mai.

Two months ago, a traveler from HCM City denounced Thu Mai of ripping him off, charging him VND3.6 million for the lunch.

Nguyen Tung Nghia, the traveler, said he and his 5 family members had to pay VND1.26 million on average for every dish. Nghia said that each black tiger shrimp served was not bigger than a thumb, but the restaurant owner affirmed that it weighted 1.4 kilos, for which he charged VND900,000 per kilo.

On February 6, the Thang Tam Ward People’s Committee received a complaint from a group of 20 travelers from Hau Giang that they were cheated by the Bac Lieu restaurant on Hoang Hoa Tham Street.

The travelers complained they were charged VND9.23 million for a frugal meal.

The black list of the restaurants and hotels overcharging tourists has been prolonged. In Hanoi, 9 men were caught red handed when they tried to rob the assets of the two customers at the café at No. 32 Tran Quoc Toan Street, as the two refused to pay VND2.1 million for two bottles of beer and a pack of chestnut.

Heavy punishments imposed

Forcing the restaurants to close down after imposing fines is believed to be the heaviest punishment over the violators.

The Vung Tau City’s authorities have asked the local planning and investment  department to inspect the business premises before licensing, to be sure that the newly set up restaurants are not the disreputable ones which have changed names.

However, travelers have been told that they would be better to become smart to protect themselves instead of relying on the intervention of the competent agencies.

Ninh Thuan – one of nation’s most stunning provinces

When mentioning Ninh Thuan Province, tourists instantly think of the stunning Vinh Hy Bay which is considered a charming fairy among magnificent mountains, or Cham Towers.

However, there is more to Ninh Thuan than you would imagine and we set out on a voyage of discovery to find out exactly what.

Taking a train to Phan Rang City at 7:30 p.m. and reaching the destination at 3 a.m. it was more about resting up before our adventures lay ahead at 7 a.m.

We then started our journey to Chapor Waterfall located 50 kilometers northeast of Phan Rang City.

Chapor in ethnic Raglai language means silver hair, so the waterfall is described as the beautiful silver hair of a sleeping beauty in Bac Ai forest area.

The car took us to the foot of the falls and we needed to walk about 2,000 meters to get there. 2,000 meters is a long way and our group of office workers was tired.

However, the birds twittering, water murmuring and beauty of wild flowers along the path encouraged us to walk ahead, especially when the sounds of the falls became louder and louder.

Finally, it appeared before our eyes. A crystal stream lurked in an endless green forest. Our team leader told us the falls is even more beautiful at year-end months when it rains more and the falls become dazzlingly white.

After that we got back to halfway of the walls which has a natural lake where we could relax, have food and enjoy the fresh air on giant rocks.

A splendid section leading to Chapor Waterfall – Photos: Trung Chau

The next day, we moved to a very pristine Thung Beach which is 400 meters long and endowed with a smooth sand beach scattered with broken pieces of corals.

In the distance from the beach were red rock walls, creating a contrast in colors of the scenery. Our desire for swimming and admiring corals seemed to be endless so we continued to move to other beaches such as Da and San Ho which are very primitive and untouched.

As we got peckish we could not miss out on chicken rice and banh can, a local specialty made from rice flour served with egg and seafood.

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