Trekking up to Phu Song Sung

The tortuous road suddenly becomes very slippery as if it is polished by oil, with frozen trees and a strong-blowing wind for company.

However, to experience adventure and challenge ourselves, we decided to go for it.

We reached Xa Ho Commune, Tram Tau District in Yen Bai Province after nearly a day’s ride from Hanoi with the sunset coming down the mountainous area. We stayed overnight at the house of Thao A Mang, our local ethnic guide for the next day.

Tourists warm on fire and have food on the halfway to Phu Song Sung

We could not sleep as the cold and wind took its toll and by the next morning we departed feeling groggy and tired.

Mist still covered the village and was mixed with drizzling drops and a north-easterly wind. Two Mong ethnic people guided and carried foods for us. We just brought simple things such as a sleeping bag, water and foods.

A wooden tent for tourists to stay overnight in Phu Song Sung

We started to see the mountain imposingly erect as if we just could trek forever with no turning back. The mountain is about 2,955 meters above sea level, so it is a bit lower than Fanxipan but it is surely tougher to be conquered as it is has no stops like Fanxipan.

It was misty so we could not see anything, except our feet groping up on the tiny trail. Sometimes we fell down and had to use sticks to pull ourselves up. We didn’t take a long rest as moving on kept us warm.

Sometimes the wind blew the mist and clouds away and we were really amazed at the splendid sceneries. Reaching through the dense forest, the higher mountain walls were lined by endless valleys. Sometimes the strong wind forced us to sit down in groves to prevent us from falling down the valleys. At that time we really knew what the expression being scared to death really meant.

Trees were frozen and leaves became grey/white. However, it rewarded us with beautiful wild flowers. At the height of 2,400 meters and amidst the magnificent and immense space, we found we were really small and in the strangely quite space, we just heard the birds’ twitters and our steeping and breathing sounds.

We decided to call a halt to our dreams of hitting the peak to stay at a cottage of Giang A Sinh, head of the commune. A miracle occurred when the sun beams suddenly gleamed on the mountain’s peak, amidst the valleys and the white sea of clouds. The beamslooked like fireworks and it just occurred to us that we missed the chance to capture this on camera.

As night came, we just could hear the whispers of wind through the wooden walls. However, stayed together we felt warmer to sleep well on that night. The next morning, we were greeted with golden sunlight, making us feel we were bobbing in the clouds. We went home with a great experience and memories in our hearts.

Provide by Vietnam travel guide


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