Experience to travel to Ao Vua

Ao Vua has its majestic natural scenery with plethora of mountains, streamlines, waterfalls and other artificial works. The weather here is cool and ideal for short holiday or weekend.

Ao Vua tourism site is located in Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district, (old) Ha Tay province, and about 70 kilometers far from Ha Noi to the west.



Method 1: Start from Ha Noi, go along Thang Long Highway. At the end of this road, turn right to the highway No.21. After reaching 105 hospital, turn left and go straight to Ao Vua.

Method 2: Go along the highway No.32 right to Son Tay Street, turn left to the 105 hospital and then turn right at the crossroad and go straight to Ao Vua.


Hotes: There are 52 rooms at 2 star standard, from which you can see the mountains, waterfalls and the resort garden. Each room is equipped with air-conditioners, separate showers and toilets in the bathroom, international direct dial service, mini bar, cable television…

Stilt houses: are surrounded by green trees with open view to the streamlines and mountains. 30 rooms here are fully equipped to match with the surrounding environment. Moreover, you will be served meals at Thanh Nien restaurant where traditional specialties are served.


There are many different beauty spots in Ao Vua: Go on boats – ethnic gardens; Visit animal gardens; Discover Mountain God (Son Tinh) – Water God (Thuy Tinh) Cave; and other waterfalls and streamlines….




Ao Vua tourism spot has plenty of interesting and adventurous games such as: multi-task houses, moon park, racing formula 1, and also tennis course and swimming pools…

If you stay overnight and travel in groups, remember to register fire camps at night because it make your trip more meaningful and attractive. Services are quite comfortable including: canvas, camps, fire stoves, big speakers…

Eat and Drink

If you are pupils or students, you should bring your food and drink because the food there may not taste you well and quite expensive. Make sure you bring a lot of water as climbing mountains makes you thirsty soon.

If you travel in groups or companies, you can contact the restaurants here before going there. Make sure not to eat at the outside eateries because you are vulnerable to be overcharged.

Some Other Notes

You should bring your cameras to take beautiful photos in Ao Vua. If you travel to the streams or water areas, it is easy to get wet. Therefore, you should prepare additional suits.


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