Alluring Titop Beach

Ti Top beach seen from the above looks like the moon embracing the island foot. Though small it might be, the beach is pretty pure with airy emerald water all year round. The breathtakingly beautiful landscape of the cloud, sky and water create the kudos for Ti Top beach, which donates its most peacefulness and astonishing scene to fans of nature and seas.


Ti Top beach is 14 kilometers far from Bai Chay, 1 kilometer far from Bo Nau Cave, on the East of Halong Bay. It is a sheer-sided mountain and tilted towards a snowy flat sand. Travel tours often choose this place of interest as a stop for their tourists, where they can contemplate occasional junks or fishing boats pottering scenically into view. It is the honor of one special location to record the visit of Ho President and Ghermann Titov astronaut in 1962. The name Ti Top has been available since then.

ti top

The Ti Top beach has many tourism services meeting the demand of guests all over the world, who desire to fulfill their lifelong ambition to visit the alluring natural gift. The freshwater is transported from the inland to by the Bay Management Board and therefore being safe and supplementing the tourists’ needs. Swimming suits, buoys and freshwater bathing, water motors and parachutes are all available here. It is the correct decision to select Ti Top beach as a destination in Ha Long Bay.

ti top


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