Quan Lan – a nature beauty

Quan Lan in Quang Ninh province, Ha Long way 45 km north-east,  is a of the outlying islands of the Ha Long Bay region and technically in Bai Tu Long bay. It is a less developed and less touristy alternative to the more popular Cat Ba Island.

Quan Lan is an attractive destination not to be missed in Vietnam travel. Let’s see the wild beauty of this place through photos of Nguyen Xuan Son.

Tourists in Vietnam travel to Quan Lan – Quang Ninh can go straight down Cai Rong by cars and parking there, or go to Cua Ong by bus and then take a taxi to Cai Rong Port.

From Cai Rong Port, tourists can by speed boat ticket to Quan Lan island (ticket price is currently around 100,000 VND / trip, you should buy a return ticket. Speedboat to the island departs at 8 am and 2 pm (time can move, you should take the initiative to avoid missed trip).


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