World heritage of Vietnam through pictures

In 2011, the Department of Fine Arts – Photography Exhibition; Cultural Heritage Department, General Department of Tourism and Photography Artists Association Vietnam coordination organized the competition and exhibition of artwork, “The World Heritage of Vietnam”.

These beautiful photos would contribute to promotion of Viet Nam’s image to the world.

Living humanistic treasure (Author: Tran Viet Van)

Lang Biang sunset (Author: Tran Thiet Dung)

Hoi Town painting (Author: Ong Van Sinh)

Bo Thi rhythm (Author: Nguyen Linh Vinh)

Doan Mon gate  has entered the world’s list of Cultural Heritages  (Author: Nguyen Vinh Hien)

Float boats (Author: Nguyen Huu Nguyen)

Hide with the time  (Author: Le Trong Khang)


The past of dynasty (Author: Nguyen Quang Tuan)

Phu Dong Thien Vuong Festival  (Author: Tran Nhan Quyen)

Old shape  (Author: Thai Tuan Kiet)

Morning dew  (Author: Truong Vung)

“Cong chieng” in Highlands  (Author: Ngo Duc Can)

Sea off (Author: Nguyen Thanh Vuong)

Cau Pagoda (Author: Doan Thi Tho)

Before Festival (Author: Bui Quang Thuan)

“Luc cung hoa dang” dance (Author: Vo  Bay)


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